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OpenBVE 1.4.3

2.07 MB, 4th October 2013

Includes the source code. Please read the installation instructions before downloading this.
Tartalmazza a forráskódot. Letöltés előtt olvassa el a magyar nyelvű telepítési útmutatót.
You can also download OpenBVE logos and banners for your website.

The OpenBVE Documentation

3.87 MB, 8th May 2012

For users and add-on developers. Includes partly outdated documentation archived from the former OpenBVE Homepage.

Tools for add-on developers

407 KB, 10th August 2014

For add-on developers. Consists of Route Viewer, Object Viewer, Object Bender, Train Editor and Object Validator (new). Includes the source code.


OpenBVE is the product of the following software developers:

  • Michelle
  • Odakyufan
  • Anthony Bowden
  • and the team of packagers and translators (see the Credits page in the Documentation for details)
  • The programs are released into the public domain where legally possible. For anywhere else, you are given permission to do whatever you want with the programs.
  • We take absolutely no responsibility of these programs, and you are to run this software at your own risk.

Please use a tool such as 7-Zip to uncompress the archives.

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